• Medical Emergency

    GAA can shift patients who have undergone a major trauma, any life threatening condition such as heart attacks to a specific medical centre of choice. During an emergency, precious minutes can help save a life or limbs. With a dedicated team of medical experts and an air ambulance equipped with stretcher, life support and ventilator - moving patients can be done safely and promptly.

  • Organ Transport

    Time and efficiency are utmost while transporting precious organs. Air Ambulance drastically cuts transport time, thereby improving chances of a successful transportation of organs for transplantation. Since Ganga Air Ambulance is available around the clock, organs can be transported at any time of the day.

  • Non Emergency Medical Transport

    Some patients require medical assistance while travelling before or after treatment or surgery. Despite not being an emergency situation, air ambulance can help patients reach their destinations quickly and comfortably. This can help patients who have limited access to airports; mobility problems and cannot be transferred by train or other vehicles.

  • Medical Escort

    Lending a helping hand in times of disasters such as natural calamities or any unlikely event, can make a big difference to people in need of medical support. Ganga Air Ambulance can transport doctors and paramedical staff, life saving medical drugs and other equipments (that can be transferred) to places that require such assistance.

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